Page 24 - Transformation

5/19/2016, 11:59 PM
Music is by my friend Colin Andrew Grant. He and I went to the same university together and he likes to do music for videogames/animations. Check out his stuff! And thank you Colin!

Also special thanks to my friend Corey for helping me with the music, and Stephi for helping me with storyboarding a few years back. I really appreciate both of your guys' help!

This is pretty much the first thing I've ever seriously animated, just using various bits of animation knowledge that I picked up from watching lots of animated shows and reading quick lessons here and there on the internet. (Also I have that book, you know the one. But I haven't gotten through all of it yet) I acknowledge that it's a little bit amateurish, but I'm still also kind of proud of the quality for my first time! So yeah. I love animating (and also hate it..) and I hope I get to do it more!

...And if you're wondering why the whole thing isn't colored, well, it takes a lot of time! I don't quite have that time, but hey if you'd like to see it fully colored maybe go bug Studio Yotta and ask them if they'll let me pay them to color it lol.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll answer them! And make sure to come back in a few days because Hazel will be updating every Monday from now on since I'm done with school forever, yay! : >

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