Page 42

Page 42

10/31/2016, 11:27 PM
Important Announcement: Hazel will now update once every two weeks! Check the calendar on the right for a handy up-to-date update schedule!

As you may have noticed, I've been struggling a little bit to meet the weekly update day. I've taken on more hours and more responsibilities at my research job, which -for me- the social/mental exhaustion every week inhibits me from focusing on art.

So I'm going to try out this change for now; ideally it should account for weeks that I might miss an update, and allow me to spend more time improving the writing and art quality of each page. I think we all would enjoy consistent, good updates! And I'll be a lot less stressed out, not pulling all-nighters every Sunday to rush a page out!

I hope you still look forward to the events that happen in this Illusion Zone - I know it's been sort of silly overall, but I'm serious when I say I have some cool surprises at the end.

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